You have until Feb 10 to submit your abstract for the 4th MIC Conference 2020. Three forms of contributions are foreseen: Symposium, Individual Presentation , or Poster. At this Conference you’ll be able to meet and discuss with several Members of the ISSCI Board, which includes Nathalie Bonnardel, Giovanni E. Corazza, Vlad Glaveanu, Michael Hanchett Hanson, Zorana Ivcevic Pringle, Maciej Karwowski, James C. Kaufman, Todd Lubart, Takeshi Okada, Roni Reiter-Palmon.  


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The 4th MIC Conference 2020 is jointly organized by the International Society for the Study of Creativity and Innovation (ISSCI) and the Marconi Institute for Creativity (MIC), in the year that marks the 125th anniversary of the invention of radio by Guglielmo Marconi (1895-2020)! The 4th MIC Conference 2020 will take place in the historical 1895 site, Villa Griffone (Sasso Marconi, Bologna, Italy), with a program designed to bring together multidisciplinary researchers, scientists, educators from all over the world to present their views, results, open issues about all aspects related to the Science of Creativity and Innovation.

Contributions are welcome concerning all facets of human creativity and innovation, stemming from the fields of Psychology, Neuroscience, Education, Design, Engineering, Economics,  Social Sciences, and others.   Please download here the Call for Contributions. 

We look forward to your submission and participation!

Best wishes,
Giovanni Emanuele Corazza, Todd Lubart, Sergio Agnoli, and Serena Mastria                           

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The deadline for submitting your contribution for the MIC Conference 2020 is approaching fast!