Creativity and Innovation

University of Bologna

Telecommunications Engineering

At the end of the course the student will gain knowledge and learnings from the history of science, theoretical foundations of creative thinking, cognitive modelling and the DIMAI model in particular, along with strategies and processes for specific thinking stages. Innovation topics are handled analysing hurdles and strategies for success, with application to study cases.



Scienza e Applicazioni del Pensiero Creativo

University of Bologna

Design of the Industrial Product

At the end of the course the student will possess scientifically sound notions about the creative thinking process, along with the pragmatic application of the principles for the generation of new ideas. The student will master theoretical and methodological notions regarding the cognitive and conative components which are at the very basis of the creative process. Particular emphasis will be placed onto universal strategies, applicable to diversified domains, which allow to increase awareness and efficacy of the overall creative thinking exercise.


Scientific Approaches to Creativity for Professionals

European Space Agency

The core of the short course is geared towards the hands-on comprehension and acquisition of thinking strategies intended for the generation of new ideas, as well as for bringing those ideas into the practical world.