In times of uncertainty, visionary innovation is a must. But the risk associated to this kind of investment should be shared within an ecosystem, which can provide the integration of complementary knowledge. This is essentially the idea behind the concept of Open Innovation, which will be addressed in this international workshop with renown experts from Europe and the USA.


18:00-18:20 Introduction Giovanni Emanuele Corazza, Unibo, FGM
18:20-18:40 Open Innovation in Silicon Valley – Fabrizio Capobianco, Minerva Networks
18:40-19:00 Open Innovation in Manufacturing – Michele Poggipolini, President Confindustria Giovani
19:00-19:20 Open Innovation in the Internet – Vint Cerf, Google evangelist, Chairman Marconi Society
19:20-19:40 Q/A and Conclusions
Registration to the workshop at the link:
Open Innovation Workshop