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The MIC Conference 2013 Video Reportage by KEY4biz (english and Italian) What is Creativity according to the father of the internet, Vint Cerf? Video Interview by KEY4biz (English)

What is Creativity according to THE FOUNDER OF THE MIC, GIOVANNI CORAZZA? Video Interview by KEY4biz (English)

Conference Sessions

CONFERENCE OPENING KEYNOTE SPEECH (September 29) –Martin Cooper: Wireless Communications – Driver for Innovation SESSION 1 (September 29) – Creativity in Art, Design, and Science
SESSION 2 (September 29)  – Social aspects of creativity     SESSION 3 (September 29) – Stimulating creativity in education   KEYNOTE SPEECH (September 30) – David Payne: Creating the future of the Optical Internet
KEYNOTE SPEECH (September 30) – Mark Runco: The Role of Creativity Measurement in Efforts to Support Invention  SESSION 4 (September 30) – The Science of Creativity     SESSION 5 (September 30) – Inside the Creative Mind
 SESSION 6 (September 30) – Stimulating and measuring creativity SESSION 7 (October 1) – Creativity in Engineering and Science SESSION 8 (October 1) – The melody of creativity  SESSION 9 (October 1) – Education for the gifted