Paper MIC: Counterpoint as a principle of creativity

The new paper by MIC: "Counterpoint as a principle of creativity: extracting divergent modifiers from The Art of Fugue by Johann Sebastian Bach"

The paper has been published on the Volume n.4 (2014) of Musica Docta, a digital journal dedicated to publishing studies in the field of pedagogy and music education.

For more information, see the abstract: 

The main message carried by this article is that counterpoint can be taken as a model approach for the introduction of contrasting elements, not only in musical composition but also in the generation of ideas in any domain of knowledge. We start by an interdisciplinary review about the power of opposite concepts as constituting elements in nature. This is followed by the description of the DIMAI model for creative thinking, which is founded upon the dual forces of convergent and divergent thinking modalities. The main body of our work is an extraction of divergent modifiers from the Contrapunctus composed by Bach and collected in the Art of Fugue, with simple examples of application to the diversified fields of education and computer science.

Here the link to the complete paper on Musica Docta website:



       IDEANDO@Fermi has started on November 7, 2014

in the Fermi High School in Bologna

IDEANDO@Fermi is a joint initiative of MIC and Prospera association: it is a teaching project for the generation of ideas made of four lessons, from November 7 to 5 December, to let high-school students know about the basics of creative thinking.

Selected students of the Liceo Scientifico Fermi guided in their creative thinking process in order to ideate and create in several focus areas which will be indicated by the Prospera Association.The best three ideas that will be judged in terms of originality and feasibility will be then supported by Prospera. Here you can download the leaflet of the initiative.

For more information about the Prospera association:



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