The Consortium was constructed by taking into account that cooperation is crucial and that all partners must have a strong interest and motivation in carrying out the activities of the project, as well as a clear role that leads to sound and exploitable results.

The CREAM project Team joins technological, scientific, industrial, clinician competencies in a coherent whole with the aim to address ICT Technologies for the study and the enhancement of creative processes in different professional and knowledge domains. diversity-5-840316-m
Such a challenging and complex objective can be achieved only by gathering in the same Team a complex realm of competencies related to ICT and creativity research. We believe that we managed to achieve such an excellent Team by gathering together Partners with strong commitment, complementary synergies, and worldwide reputation in each respective field. Also from a geographic perspective, the project consortium is well balanced and representative of 4 different European countries: Italy, United Kingdom, Austria and Spain.

The consortium, that will carry out the research proposed in this project, covers all important topics required to achieve a successful result of CREAM.

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