Creativity at Engine

Creativity at Engine

Following the brain stimulation study administered by Goldsmiths at Engine headquarter in London as part of CREAM, there was a lot of interest in the results among Engine participants.

On Monday 29, 2016 Engine invited Michael Banissy to share the findings with Engine employees (please see attached for the event poster).

The talk was an opportunity for CREAM to share more about what Engine have learnt about how creativity works in the brain, and how the findings could be put into practice. The talk was very popular. Engine had a packed room, with 30 attendees whose job titles ranged from Creative Professionals to Creative Strategists, Creative Technologists and Human Resources. Within Engine there is significant interest in the practical applications of the study, how electrical stimulation compares to broader types of stimulation (caffeine, alcohol etc!). Engine has since had a number of emails requesting involvement in potential follow up studies. Overall a great success!


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