CREAM in short

CREAM is an European Commission 7th Framework Programme Project funded under FP7- ICT – 2013 -10. The project is focused on the multidisciplinary study of the neural substrates of creativity in different knowledge domains. Using a multidisciplinary approach, this project joins 1) cognitive psychology, to provide a reliable, standardized measurements of creativity; 2) neuroscience, to reveal the neuronal network underlying creative cognition and its constituent stages; 3) information and communication technologies (ICT), to apply advanced signal processing techniques to monitor the creative cognitive states in real-time and to use brain stimulation instrumentation for establishing a causal link between brain and body states with creative cognition.

Project duration: 01/12/2013 – 30/11/2016 (36 months)

Consortium: University of Bologna Italy – UNIBO (Coordinator), Fondazione Guglielmo Marconi – Marconi Institute for Creativity Italy- FGM, Goldsmiths’ College, UK – GOLD, Guger Technologies OG, Austria – GTEC, Medizinische Universität Wien, Austria – MUW, Universidad de la Laguna, Spain – ULL, Engine Partners UK LLP, UK – ENGINE