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1 Creative thinking at INECO
2 Creative vs. Computational Thinking: talk by Giovanni Corazza at Webster University
3 Mind Wandering, Mindfulness, and Creativity
4 Organic Creativity for Well-Being in the Post-Information Society
5 SACHER: final innovative ideas for the cultural heritage
6 Upcoming US events: Giovanni Corazza at Buffalo, New York, and Omaha
7 Marconi Society Blog: Securing Blockchain and The Applications of the Future
8 Serendipity and Creativity
9 ISMICS 2017: A keynote address by Giovanni Corazza
10 Vlad Glaveanu's Seminar - Bologna, 5th June
11 OpenWay: a talk on thinking outside of the box
12 News from Marconi Society Blog
13 Psychology of Creativity: Building Impact, Skills, & Collaborations
14 KREYON/CONFERENCE 2017 - Unfolding the Dynamics of Creativity and Innovation, ROME 06/09.09.2017
15 Innovative Ideas for the Cultural Heritage
16 How To Become More Creative and Why it Matters - by Giovanni Emanuele Corazza
17 Intervista al Prof. G. E. Corazza "5G: tecnologia fondamentale per il Digital single market"
18 MIC Conference 2016: the beginning of the conference is approaching fast!
19 Nuovo laboratorio territoriale per l'occupabilità - Opificio Golinelli, Bologna
20 Prof. Giovanni Emanuele Corazza @Accademia Galileiana, Padova

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