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25th – 28th June 2015



The MIC’s mission to consolidate methodologies and processes for the increase of creative thinking is now part of the high level Educational Proposal of the Bologna Business School. The first opportunity is the new EXECUTIVE PROGRAM IN CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION, a three-days course that will take place in the amazing Villa Guastavillani - Bologna.

The course, which will be held in Bologna next June, will be devoted to the generation and the assessment of new ideas, in order to make it a systematic habit for everyone.

The main idea behind this course (and MIC’s thought) is that the creative thinking should be a day-by-day activity for any kind of business that aspires to be leader, rather than follower, of its marketplace. This is the reason why all the theoretical and practical contents of the course are specifically targeting directors, managers, supervisors and entrepreneurs.

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TEDxRoma 2015

21.03.2015 SAVE THE DATE


Create movement, witness modernity, share and value diversities and highlight progress 




The Mediterranean, where culture and knowledge, technology and tradition, art and identity are brought together, is expressed in Mediterranean Carousel, TEDxRoma 2015 topic.

The willingness is to explore and share passions and experiences of the countries that it represents. The 2015 edition of TEDxRoma involves speakers coming from 14 Mediterranean countries.


From Immobility to Movement 

Mediterranean countries are constantly moving, evolving and changing, driven by centripetal forces that increase and enforce expression through diversity.
From Tradition to Modernity  
Often perceived as archaic and traditional, the Mediterranean Sea has evolved into a launch-pad of modernity and innovation, introducing unexpected visions and future scenarios through icons of contemporary culture, many of whom will share their visions at TEDxRoma 2015.
From Differences to Richness 
A moltitude of diverse colors, traditions and customs, many of today's Mediterranean countries are transforming a body of differences into multi-faceted unions. Among them, distances converge harmonically, generating richness and value. Science and art, technology and history, architecture and tradition, and design and exploration are leading protagonists fostering these ties in an ever- spinning Mediterranean Carousel.


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