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Yesterday February 29 the Marconi Institute for Creativity encountered the Alstom top management and executives, to discuss possible avenues for collaboration in creativity and innovation.


Prof. Corazza @Engine - "The creativity oximoron: how to use systematic irrelevance in your job"

On February 25, Prof. Corazza will meet the creative professionals of the Engine Group in London to deliver a seminar entitled: "The creativity oximoron: how to use systematic irrelevance in your job ". 



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Prof. Corazza will hold the seminar at the Engine's headquarters to meet the creative strategists presenting several aspects related to the definition of creative achievement, highlighting how to increase and maximise the potential for success. The talk will focus on specific indications on how the systematic use of apparently irrelevant information can serve as a professional tool for creatives. During the seminar, Prof. Corazza will also present the findings from the administration of the CREAM battery test to Engine's professionals, as part of activities of the CREAM European project.

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