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ConnectToThrive-1030x555The Internet’s Next Frontier:  Getting Better at Getting Better Together: a discussion on the People Centered Internet, founded by Mei Lin Fung and Vint Cerf


motorola-dynatacHow the Wireless Revolution will Make a Better World: Marty Cooper’s thoughts on the three areas where wireless will change the equation drastically



Starving in the Land of Plenty: The True Story of Consumer Bandwidth: John Cioffi’s thoughts on why we struggle for bandwidth in a world overrun with it and how  the industry will change.


HaoZouArticleWhy We Have to do Better: The Case for Tech for Good: Hao Zou’s work to use technology to improve lives in healthcare and financial services



The Internet’s Wild Ride:  From Trust to Cyber Security Threats: how the internet has changed since Len Kleinrock connected two computers together and his new network design

Psychology of Creativity: Building Impact, Skills, & Collaborations

Psychology of Creativity: Building Impact, Skills, & Collaborations

Edinburgh, Scotland, May 17


This one-day conference will include guest speakers of international acclaim, short research presentations, several networking opportunities, and interactive discussions on future directions and priorities for creativity research. The aim of the event is to unite creativity researchers from across the UK with the intention of sharing ideas and skills, building productive collaborations, and to ultimately boost the impact of creativity research nationally and internationally.

Keynote speaker of the event will be Giovanni Emanuele Corazza with a speech entitled: "The dynamic universal creativity process: evolving revolutions"


Plese visit the conference website for more information on the program and on the event

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